At this age your young preschooler is an inventor, problem solver, discoverer and dreamer. The Discovery Center curriculum is based on the idea that all children are talented and capable people, and do best when they are empowered to explore, investigate and internalize knowledge.

We provide an ideal environment, with developmentally appropriate equipment and activities, that enhance each child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Academic areas covered include language, early literacy, math, science, social studies, art and music. Our curriculum provides each child an opportunity to learn by doing, to develop an active curiosity about the world they live in, and to encourage an enthusiasm for learning.

With our “Thematic Approach”, children are introduced to new concepts and vocabulary about a particular theme, through group and individual experiences that are fun and exciting. Teachers provide enriching activities that help the children become more comfortable with the new language, and are exposed to a wide variety of fine motor activities. Emphasis is placed on social interaction, emotional growth and independence.

Math skills are developed with group and individual hands-on experiences. We work with children to recognize shapes, colors, directions and structure using a variety of materials, from blocks to fabrics. We might blend colors in the art center, or study which shapes fit best together in a puzzle. Sorting and matching by like characteristics deepens understanding, while games and dances incorporating concepts like over, under, right and left help develop motor skills.

At Discovery Center we give them the guidance and the tools they need to explore and learn within a comfortable, secure environment.